Today i want to share my interview experience of TCS CodeVita 2020 with you.

Who were called for interviews?

This year TCS has changes it’s hiring criteria and students got call for interview not only by rank, but some other unknown criteria. I was given time of 10 AM but some people had to wait for their turn till evening. The interview took place on Miscrosoft Teams and various types of questions were asked from different students based on their CV and the interviewer.

What Questions were asked?

There was a panel of 3 people(TR+MR+HR) together. The interview went for about 60 mins since they were already running late.

Here is the list of some of the questions asked :

  • Tell me something about youtself.
  • Since i was from electrical background, he asked me about Thevenin’s Theorem and Norton’s Theorem?(They also ask questions from the branch you belong).
  • Which language do you prefer? (C++)
  • Do you know about JAVA?
  • What is JVM in JAVA? (even if you don’t Java, they will ask you something).
  • Main difference between C and C++.
  • What is OOP and why OOP?
  • What is object and class?
  • Can a derived class pointer type object point to base class?(Remember vitual function in Runtime Polymorphism 😉)
  • What is Encapsulation and Inheritance with examples?
  • What is Derived Class?
  • What is Polymorphism and types?
  • What are access specifiers in C++ and explain?
  • What are the available storage classes in C++?
  • What are virtual functions?
  • Does C++ provide exception handling and how C++ handles exceptions?
  • What is dynamic memory allocation and does C allows dynamic memory allocation?
  • What is malloc() and calloc() and their differences?
  • What is realloc()?
  • What is the return type of these above functions?
  • What is inline function and its syntax?
  • What do you mean by pass by value and pass by reference?
  • What are macros and why # is written in C++?
  • He asked me from questions from every kind of data structures and their real life examples like Stack, Queue, Arrays, Linked Lists, Trees.
  • How many types of Trees have you heard(Binary Tree, BST, AVL Tree, Red Black Tree, B-tree, B+ Trees, Heap).
  • What is a BST and Heap and write a code for BST traversal.
  • What is deep copy?
  • How a C++ program is compiled
  • What is a recursive function?
  • What is goto statement?
  • What is difference between goto and recrusive function?
MR+HR Questions :
  • Questions about my project.
  • Technologies i am intrested in.
  • What is Blockchain, IoT, Cloud Computing.(This is their favourite area, Technologies 🤩).
  • Why do you want to join TCS?
  • Where is the headquarter of TCS and where are the TCS offices in India located?
  • Will you able to work in night shifts and changing shifts?
  • What is your preffered location?
  • Where do you see yourself after 5 years.(Give some diplomatic answer and never give name of any position like SDE2, Software Manager, etc unless they ask you to tell the position).

Hope you got an idea about the TCS Codevita interview.

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