Interview Experience At ShopX for Java Developer (Intern)

So basically for this company I had three rounds and I applied for java developer intern

1. Online test  

 This test consisted complete conceptual based questions specially from OOPs I had 15 min to do 15 questions the questions were output based for this I have practiced from geeksforgeeks mcq.And this round also consists of logical reasoning 7 questions 15 minutes.For this round there were almost 80 students 

2 Technical Interview

After first round there were only 6 students left  So this round started with basic questions or DS algo and slowly the interviewer asked the questions regarding trees …And then the questions regarding core java started….like abstract class , abstraction , exception handling, file handling, threads , final,static, abstract keywords, singleton class , serialisation .Only 3 were selected after this round

3. Final Interview

This round was with the Chief Technical Officer only 3 students were left till here the CTO asked questions on system design basics , ask me to design WhatsApp , what are microservicers , what is rest API and asked puzzles .After this round only 1 student selected it was me

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