HackWithInfy Interview Experience – Power Programmer 2020

Hello Everyone, I want to share my Interview Experience of Power Programmer Role of HackWithInfy 2020. My interview is 1hr 15 min long.

Technical Round :

The coding questions asked by Infosys in my Interview are :

  1. Given a square matrix of size N*N consists of 0 and 1 and you have to count no of squares that contains all 1 s. (DP Problem)
  2. You are given a number , in how many different ways you can write that number in alphabetical form . eg n = 121 Different ways to write 121 are : (1)(2)(1) [aba] , (1)(21) [au] , (12)(1) [la] , So the ans for this example is 3.
  3. You are given an array , you have to divide the array into two arrays such that sum of difference of the two arrays is minimum. (DP Problem)
  4. Level order Traversal of Binary Tree
  5. Given an array and a value k, find the minimum size subarray such that the sum of the subarray is greater than k. (Sliding Window)

The domain questions asked by Infosys in my Interview are:

  1. CN questions :- Repeaters , OSI Model , Dynamic Allocation of Channels(MAC Address) and Computer Network.
  2. OS questions :- Ageing, Deadlock, Scheduling, Thread
  3. SQL and DBMS questions :- Indexing, Views in sql, Group By and Having Clause

My project is based on Node JS so they asked me about npm, event loop and client server architecture and implementation(working) of my project.

Then he ask me about have you work on new Technologies like Machine Learning and BigData etc.

How can you switch yourself from one technologies to another. What is the goal of your life.

HR Round :

Tell me about yourself. They informed me about CTC and asked about preference of locations( They provided me three places to choose).

Verdict – Selected

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  • tarun_200 December 30, 2020

    Congratulations and thanks for sharing your experience 🙂
    It was surprising that infosys interview could be this DS algo heavy.
    I guess you are hired for pretty sophisticated project

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